Friday, September 26, 2008

Anniversary Pics

Little did my wonderful wife know that I knew exactly where the first anniversary pictures were, Here are some of them from our First anniversary, ALL "G" RATED.

Typical Service at the Ritz they are pretty Jazzy with the Cider and Chocolate covered strawberries

Dinner at The Cheese Cake Factory, Some Delicious Tuxedo Cheese Cake. Photo taken by the table that was sitting about a foot away from us, talking very loudly about all their relationship problems and how they are mad at the world. ( Nothing like a quiet dinner alone on your anniversary notice the hint of sarcasm)

Back at home eating year old frozen wedding cake, YUM!!(again with the sarcasm)
Even though we weren't able to do all the things that we wanted to do on our anniversary, I still had a lovely time spending the whole day with my beautiful wife.  Time has flown by since we have been married and we, or at least I, have enjoyed every minute of it.  I love my wife very much she is very special to me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More kitten pictures!


I have been dying to get a kitten for the past month or so and I got quite the surprise this week.  I was just at work in the Real Estate office when someone sneaks up behind me and puts a teeny tiny kitten on my desk!  It was Jeff and his mom surprising me with our first pet!  My mother-in-law just happened to walk by a lady selling kitten's outside of Bookman's.  She knew I wanted a cat so she called Jeff and he picked the most cute kitten and brought her to me.  We decided to name her Chloe after much debate (Jeff still wants to name her Mitten).  She is a tiny 8 week old kitten and she is just adorable.  She loves to be around people and follows us all over the house.  She slept right in between us on her first night and didn't move once.  She was very sleepy the first day and a half but know she is quite the rambunctious little thing!  Her favorite spot is right on our shoulders and since she is so small we could just walk around the house with her sitting right there.  Sarah & Michael brought their kids over to see Chloe and they loved her, especially Samantha, she was so cute with her!  We are excited to have our first pet together and love her so much!

New York City!

A couple of weeks ago Jeff and I went to New York for the first time.  We went with his family who are mostly seasoned pros out there, especially Sarah!  Our hotel was right across from fashion week which was awesome, but it also made it that much more frustrating being so close to all the celebrities and fashion designers and not being able to go in.  We waited outside to see if we could spot anybody famous but had no luck.  We went to Times Square the first night we were there to get a good taste of the city.  I loved all the energy there, the lights , buildings and people...its a very exciting place!  The next morning we had plans to go to the Today Show but got a late start so we headed off to the Empire State Building.  It was such an incredible first view of the city (very smoggy though).  I bought a tiny empire state building Christmas tree ornament with a little Santa on it, it is so adorable and I can't wait to use it!!   We went to see ground zero that same day and the 9/11 memorial.  It was very sad to see it but also very interesting to see all the remains they had collected and to read all the stories.  We went to such a delicious place for lunch, did a little purse shopping and got some cupcakes at Magnolias.  We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway and it was such a great production.  Jeff and I had never even seen the movie before but we ended up loving the play.  We also went to the MET and saw some pretty incredible things.  I got to see Monet's paintings (he is my favorite artist) which was pretty cool and Jeff got to see all his historic Arms & Armor things which he really enjoys.  My favorite part of the trip was our bike ride in Central Park with Michael and Sarah.  It was so much fun and we got to see so many things in the park.  There was a mini orchestra playing (just four or five people) and they were pretty good, I could have listened to them for hours!  There was also some crazy guy dancing and singing in some tunnel, kinda weird, but of course entertaining.  I loved every bit of our trip to NYC and hope to go back someday soon!  If you want to know more about our trip click on the Allen's link and get a day by day play :) 


In August we were able to take another trip down to the always relaxing Rocky Point.  We took our friends Crystal and Danny to stay with us.  It was a great trip and we got to stay Wednesday-Sunday which is the longest we've able to stay down there in a while.  Jeff and I could have probably stayed about another week though!!  I do have to say it was almost unbearably hot and humid there, more so than we expected.  But the water was perfect so we swam a lot in the ocean!  We took the jet skis out at the bay but it was so wavy that it wasn't all that enjoyable.  We were hoping for a calm day to take out the jet skis again but of course that didn't happen until we were leaving to come home.  All in all it was a good trip and I am ready to go back in October when the weather is a little nicer, maybe next August we'll go to the cabin instead...

Our first Anniversary

Tonight I decided that it was time to catch up on some much prolonged blogging...I was excited to start with our first anniversary which was July 13th (I know, I'm pretty late) but much to my surprise and dismay I found that Jeff had accidentally deleted every one of our pictures with no back up copies.  So that leaves me with no pictures to ever illustrate our first anniversary :(  It was however a great weekend.  We drove up to Phoenix with good intentions of "re-living" our wedding day.  We had planned to start off by going to the temple but got a late start in the morning which ruined those plans.  We stayed at the same Ritz Carlton Hotel as we did on our wedding night which was just beautiful and naturally had excellent service.  For dinner we walked over to the Cheesecake factory which was another thing we did on our wedding night, and got the delicious tuxedo cheesecake.  We were disappointed to find a Ruth Chris right down the street as we were leaving.  Maybe next time we will upgrade!   We ended the trip the next day with some shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square and Biltmore Fashion Park.  That night we enjoyed the top of our wedding cake at our home.  Its a nice idea but it kind of grossed me and didn't taste as good as it did a year ago, not like thats a surprise though!